9 Locations Across Edmonton

Our clients are located throughout the city and to better serve them, Boyle Street has locations throughout the city.

40 Programs & Services

A complex situation requires complex solutions. We've learned that there is no cookie-cutter solution to fit all our clients.

12,000 Served Per Year

More than 60% of Edmonton's homeless receive some form of support from Boyle Street. Our role is vital in their transition off the street.

Providing the Necessities of Life to Those Living in Poverty

Boyle Street’s Drop-in Centre is located in the agency’s main offices at 10116 – 105 Avenue. The Drop-in provides a safe, welcoming and comfortable space for people to visit and access a variety of services, including meals, recreation, and support. For many, the Drop-in is a starting point, as well as a place for coffee and companionship. During peak times, when winter is at its coldest, we see an average of 500 people come through our doors daily, and all are welcome.

Delivering Wrap Around Services to Those in Need

At Boyle Street Community Services we meet people where they are at. That means building a relationship with our clients, getting to know who they are, and what challenges they face. We believe that by starting with an honest conversation we are best able to provide the services and programs our clients need, in a way that is done with integrity and dignity. Once we have built a relationship with our clients we are better able to guide them as they access our over 40 programs and services and address the lifestyle changes they would like to make at their own pace

Walking Alongside Our Clients from Birth to Death

From working with pregnant women living on the street to providing group care for children with Child and Family Services involvement to securing long term care for seniors, Boyle Street walks alongside our clients through every phase of life. Our diversity of programming and expertise allows us to provide exemplary support as our clients take steps to break the cycle of poverty regardless of their stage in life.

Your Donations Provide So Much More Than Just Hope

Dallas Adekat

"Boyle Street offers many invaluable services to disadvantaged individuals in the community. It is also a fantastic place to volunteer some of your time at. Keep up the good work!"

Dakota Hourie

"Always friendly staff..I think they all deserve medals because they put up with some difficult situations and always with professionalism and tact. I feel safe and always have a good experience with staff. The housing people were amazing, I now have my own home because of them. Can't say enough good things about the staff in every department. Well done people."

Cheryl Coates

"I thank God for the help I had received from the Boyle Street Community workers as they helped me get a safe place to live and I had just signed my first year lease ,"

Overcoming Homelessness in Edmonton
Boyle Street makes a Difference

Watch testimonials and see how Boyle Street, an inner-city agency in Edmonton, has helped support its community in overcoming the struggles of homelessness, addiction, and mental health challenges.